The Keepa Kreed is the message of Keepa. It’s a message of a brotherhood in Christ. A dream to reach others in the depths of darkness and bringing them to light. Keepa stands for “WE ARE OUR BROTHER’S KEEPA.” It’s a culture being created calling every one of our Brother’s to not only just go hunting and fishing… It goes much deeper than that. It means hunting down our demons and going fishing for our lost brothers – bringing them back to Jesus. When you bring them in, know that there are no limits, no seasons, and they are ALL Keepas. It’s a spiritual gift and once you truly receive it all you want to do is go out fishing for your brothers who need you, just like the love TC and Korte had for their brothers.



“We are our brother’s keepa.” These words are more than a message; it is our mission, our culture, our calling. The Keepa kreed is a brotherhood in Christ. Humbled by the beauty of God’s creation and thankful to harvest it’s gifts, the spirit of an outdoorsman is forever grateful. Hunting and fishing with our brothers in nature and in spirit is Keepa’s purpose. With Christ, there are no limits and no seasons. We are ALL keepas.